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Pastor's Page

Rev. Janet Wittenmyer

Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church.  If you are new to the faith, we are happy you have joined us!  One of the most important parts of our faith is knowing we are saved by God's grace.  What this means is that it's not what we have done or haven't done.  Instead it's what Jesus has done for us on the cross that saves us.


God sent Jesus down to us to show us how much he loves us  He promises us through the empty cross that nothing in this life, not even death, can separate us from his love.  It is God's love in Jesus that saves us.  Our faith comes to us as a gift from the Holy Spirit.  This is what experiencing God's grace is all about.  It is realizing that even though we are still broken people, God loves us, warts, wrinkles, and all.  God loves us and saves us.  Because we no longer live in fear, we are free to love God back and continue to grow in our faith.

As Christians and Lutherans, we know that we have a God who is in the business of saving all of his children.  We can trust in the love of God, who will never let us go.  Please join us as a loving community of people who live out God's love, grace, and mercy as a church.

Peace in Christ,

Pastor Janet Wittenmyer

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