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Trinity's Preschool

*Our Philosophy*

As a Christian preschool, we have the privilege of sharing God's love with our students.  We strive to provide a loving, Christian environment by modeling and encouraging kindness, love, and caring for others.  

We believe that each child is an individual.  They learn when they are exposed to a variety of experiences that meet their needs developmentally, and are interesting and relevant to their lives.

Children need plenty of opportunities to interact with others and engage in hands-on activities in an environment where they feel safe and accepted.

*Mixed Age Classroom*

At TLC Christian Preschool, children ages 3-5 are grouped together in the same classroom.  This is done purposely because we believe it has many benefits.  We understand that children develop at different rates.  In our mixed-age classroom, children are appreciated for their individuality and are not all expected to perform at the same level at the same time.  As teachers plan learning activities, the focus is on each child's developmental level and not on his or her age.

In a mixed-age classroom, children may spend more than one year with the same teacher allowing secure relationships to be formed.  This also allows the teacher to gain a better understanding of each child's needs to better support their learning.

*Our Preschool Program*

The Creative Curriculum is based on the idea that children learn when they are engaged in meaningful play.  Our classroom is divided into learning centers that include art, blocks, dramatic play, library/writing, manipulatives, music, science/discovery, and sensory table.  Other activities include daily large motor/music, daily story time, weekly bible story in the sanctuary, family style snack, field trips, and presentations/speakers.

*Our Preschool Teachers*

Our teachers bring many years of experience to TLC Christian preschool, teaching in various early childhood settings.  Each teacher has a degree in Early Childhood Education and training in CPR and First Aid.

*Small Class Size*

Be believe that small class size and low adult to child ratio provide a higher quality preschool program, allowing teachers to give more individualized attention.  Our preschool classes will not exceed 12 children with two teachers.

Our Mission


Contact:   Shelly Tanner @ 419-933-2899

or Church office @ 419-935-8272

*Class Options*

Morning class:

Monday through Thursday

8:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


Afternoon Class:

Monday through Thursday

12:15 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


$125.00/month (4 days/week)

September - May

$35.00 Non Refundable registration fee

Children must be potty trained.

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