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Pastor's Note 4/1/20

Isaiah 50-4-9a. Today is April Fools Day. Two years ago it fell on Easter Sunday. It’s ironic that this day falls many years during the holy season of Lent or on Easter. On this day people play pranks on each other or tell jokes meant to fool you. I have a friend with 2 daughters who have already played many pranks on their parents. Some jokes and pranks are light hearted others are not so much.

What are the kinds of words that bring life? The writer of Isaiah writes in this passage that a word can sustain the weary. He wakes up each day listening for God's teaching ready to face those who are insulting him counting on God to help him. No matter what is weighing us down we are never alone because God is always present. Lean on him and unburden your heart in prayer by asking for what you need.

Holy God give us the strength to face each new day with confidence that you are present and give us all we need to face each new day.

We pray for Elizabeth and her family. We ask for your healing presence to surround her. Give her peace and comfort . Let her feel the prayers being offered up on her behalf.

We pray for Teresa’s sister's co-worker, a young nurse. She is in the ICU seriously ill battling Covid 19. Dear God, place your healing hands upon her giving her your healing touch. We pray for your healing presence to surround her. Be with her Doctors and nurses as they care for her. Be with her family and friends giving them comfort and peace.

Give us all patience as we stay at home to stay well and safe. Help us find a new purpose and meaning for our lives each day. All these as we pray for better days to come.

All these things we ask in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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